August 26, 2015

How we are keeping ourselves busy – The RTW trip to do list




I have said it before and I will say it again – the devil is in the details.

When all of the huge pieces – determining the budget and itinerary, getting passports, booking flights and accommodations – are complete, that’s when the real work begins. We are four weeks out from departure and you would think that we would have our ducks somewhat in a row. But our ducks are like little drunken demons completely running amok. So we sat down this weekend for an intervention and tried to get those unruly assholes under control.

I started off by using the “biggest, baddest long term travel to-do list” from Kim at So Many Places and made edits to reflect the parts that applied to us and our trip. And then we had a meeting of the minds to try to determine who was handling what and what things needed to take priority. I’m not sure we made much headway, but at T minus 27 days, here is where we stand.



Determine travel budget and itinerary
Go through the house and get rid of stuff – books, garage sale, clothing to Goodwill (in progress)
Apply for passports
Buy packs
Create blog, Twitter, FB, Instagram accounts
Set up Skype and make sure family knows how to use it to chat with us
Apply for an international driver’s license? ?? (we are still on the fence about whether we are going to do this or not)
Assess the electronics we want to take and how to carry and protect them
Give notice at work
Set up appointments at the travel clinic for yellow fever vaccinations and travel meds (ask about anti-malarials) – July 28th
Buy plane tickets!!
Update resume
Create packing list and start shopping to fill in the gaps – clothes and toiletries
Fill prescriptions.
Health insurance – World Nomads
Book Istanbul accommodations
Apply for Charles Schwab account – no ATM fees and lower foreign transaction fees
Make all doctor and dentist appointments.
Make eye doctor appointment – new glasses for everyone! Order extra pairs of contact lenses.
Prepare house for Tammi – clean carpets, wash windows, weatherize rooms that will be closed off.
Get utilities set up for online bill pay.
Get mom added to checking accounts.
Determine how we will go about filing our taxes while we are gone.
Sell Mason’s car, cancel insurance, etc
Make sure driver’s licenses won’t expire while we are gone. (Drat!  Mine will.  Must renew).
Collect addresses for postcards.
Get extra passport photos for VISA applications.
Scan copies of passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates and plane tickets. Email to myself and mom.
Clean out garage to store Ian’s car.
Finish selling books, metals, etc for extra spending money.
Rent a car for first two legs of the journey
Good-bye dinners and parties for the kids and their friends and us and our friends/family

One week out:
Clean out fridge and cupboards.
Upload books to Kindle.
Cancel cable/cell phones and other un-needed utilities/services.
Get some cash from the bank (clean, unwrinkled US dollars and some Turkish lira)
Sign passports and fill out emergency contact info
Notify bank and credit cards we will be traveling (make note of international phone numbers for lost or stolen cards)
Eat all of our favorite foods
Freak out and wonder what in the world we are thinking
Pull ourselves together and head out on the grandest of adventures!


I don’t know if you noticed, but there is still A TON of stuff on this list that needs to get done.  The good news is that my last day of work is quickly approaching and hopefully that will free me up to show this list who’s boss.  I haven’t lost faith that it will all get so wish us well on tackling this monster!!


What are we forgetting?  Do you have anything you would add to this list?



7 Comments on "How we are keeping ourselves busy – The RTW trip to do list"

  1. Remember to Enjoy The Ride!!

    xoxo :)

  2. Fran Schwarz August 27, 2015 Reply

    overseas auto insurance?

    • Author

      Hi Fran –

      I think we are going to pass on International Driver’s licenses so we won’t be doing any driving overseas. :)

  3. Staci – One thing you might consider, I did this for my trip to Ireland. I made copies of all my cards, passport & documents that I was carrying with me. And under each cc, I wrote the number for lost/stolen cards. I put these in a separate area of my bag. That way if anything happened while I was gone and someone stole my stuff, I was able to know exactly what I was carrying. I know you had something about emailing the docs to yourself, which is probably easier, but you might want to consider doing this in the even you’re in an area with little to no access to internet/email.

    Sorry I didn’t get to say farewell at work, but I know I’ll be following your travels and will see you when you get back! :-)

  4. I am SO excited for you! Good jobs and benefits will always be around. If you can travel and do some good around the world before settling back down, DO IT!! Keep on updating!!

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