• Tour of Istanbul

    “I poured my soul into the city’s streets, and there it still resides.” Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk It was our sixth day in Istanbul and we had been putting off going to see the sights in Sultanhamet because we had….

  • Istanbul Days and Nights – The Adjustment Period

    We are smitten with our little apartment in the Taksim neighborhood of Istanbul. In our state of feeling adrift and overwhelmed and mildly terrified of the journey we’ve committed to, it provides us safety and the feeling that we have….

  • Introducing HistorLily!!

    Let me tell you a lil summin’ bout myself. My love of history runs almost as deep as my love of garlic bread. So, as the massive nerd I am, I wrote a history paper about Istanbul (just because I….

  • A Visit to Topkapi Palace – RTW Family Travel

    “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta We had been holed up in our apartment in Istanbul for two days and it was time to face our fears and culture shock and go….

  • Our First Few Days in Istanbul – RTW Family Travel

    At 5am on the road in the dark, the sun yet to rise, I get this text:   “He often used to say there was only one Road; that it was like a great river: its springs were at every….

  • What’s on our minds – RTW trip preparation

    We are just a handful of hours from departure time and our emotions are all over the place. We experience elation, euphoria, the high of anticipating a new adventure, epic fear, dread, worry, uncertainty and sadness often within the span….

  • How we are keeping ourselves busy – The RTW trip to do list

        I have said it before and I will say it again – the devil is in the details. When all of the huge pieces – determining the budget and itinerary, getting passports, booking flights and accommodations – are….

  • What the hell………..

    What the hell? Why on earth would you want to do such a thing? Isn’t it irresponsible to quit perfectly good jobs and spend part of your retirement? Why would you want to go to those places?     I….

  • The Annoucement

    Four years ago on the Fourth of July, Mason and I were sitting at the pool talking.  The previous few weeks I had been courting a dangerous addiction and I needed to come clean with him.  Our conversation went something….

  • An Afternoon of Covered Bridges or How I Found My Castle

    I woke up on a fabulously sunny summer Saturday (alliteration – YAY!) and promptly decided we needed a road trip.  Lily is always the easiest one to convince so I set her to the task of looking through our Travel….